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Buttons printed with a union bug make great promotional items for any political campaign that wants to extend its reach. In fact, union bug buttons are one of the most versatile promotional products on the market because they’re truly one size fits all!

Unlike other wearable promotions, you need not worry about the “fit” of a button as everyone you’re purchasing for will be able to wear them comfortably. You can use them to easily extend the messaging of your other election campaign supplies.

Epoxy Dome vs. Acrylic Laminate

Epoxy Dome Lapel Pins

Epoxy dome offers the same benefits as a laminate, but as a resin it offers a smoother, 3D effect and thickness to the finished lapel pins. The epoxy dome is a smooth, glass-like surface that both protects and improves the quality of your pins. The epoxy is crystal clear; it does NOT yellow or discolor over time.

Acrylic Laminate Lapel Pins

Acrylic laminate is a glossy coating that seals to protect the digital print and works to maintain integrity of the lapel pins. If that is all you need then we are happy to provide it, but for lasting quality we recommend the epoxy dome as acrylic laminate is a very thin layer which does not protect your pins from heavy abrasion and is not fully water-proof.

The difference between acrylic laminate and epoxy dome lapel pins

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