We appreciate the commitment to the environment made by several local manufacturers.

Because of this we now have access to 100% organically grown in the USA cotton, fabric knit and dyed in America, and shirts cut and sewn locally.


Organic- and recycled- materials are important to us because we support efforts to keep pollution from pesticides out of our environment and leftover cotton out of our landfills.

Plus, buying shirts made locally reduces the carbon footprint of shipping heavy clothing around the world!

The garment industry encourages over consumption, but the technologies are advanced enough to produce quality shirts from eco-friendly materials if you need to consume T-shirts. On the other hand, maybe your organization could use a smaller item like a recycled pen or frisbee to get your message out?

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions, ideas or specialty needs.  We love organic cotton USA made T-shirts!

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