sweatx worker cooperative

Photo of the former TeamX Worker Cooperative

WorX Printing Cooperative and Ethix Merch are the continuing project that holds the values of SweatX.

We remember the lessons learned from the ashes of SweatX, and we work hard to support workers at other good union factories so they will see a better future.

In the spirit of cooperation, environmental justice, and labor solidarity, we promote alternatives to traditional sweatshop-made promotional products. There are many ways to support workers, and we are at the forefront of creating ways for this to be successful.

–  If you want to learn more about the history and closure of the TeamX facility, please read SweatX Closes Up Shop.

–  If you want to support unionized workers, browse the Ethix Merch website to see the variety of options we can still get today – most of our apparel options can be printed at WorX Co-op!

Our Stand

ben_cohen_sweatxIn the spring of 2001, socially conscious business visionaries at the Hot Fudge Social Venture Fund, including Ben Cohen and other Directors of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, considered the widespread problem of sweatshops in the garment industry.

What resulted was the establishment of the SweatX brand. The brand was founded on the following principles:

i. Garment workers do not have to be exploited in order to operate a financially successful apparel factory.

ii. Consumers are an untapped resource to drive industry change. They are increasingly interested in buying sweat-free, but have historically had few choices they could trust.

iii. There are many definitions of a sweatshop, but SweatX intends to meet and exceed all reasonable standards of “sweat-free” by:

(1) Paying liveable wages, including employer-paid health-care and pensions.

(2) Including genuine workplace democracy through an independent union, chosen by the workers. The best factory monitor is a unionized worker.

(3) Enhancing workplace democracy by structuring the operation as a worker-owned cooperative in which employees are ultimately empowered with the knowledge and meaningful ability to enact policies for successful operation of the factory.

Our Goals

i. Provide high quality casual apparel to consumers reflecting the high standards under which it was manufactured.

ii. Create financial success directly benefiting TeamX employee-owners.

iii. Creatively market to and educate consumers who have growing awareness and concern about sweatshop issues.

iv. Operate transparently with the highest standards of business ethics and social concerns.

v. Change the lives of garment workers through the enlightened creation and sharing of wealth