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We Sell Ethically Made Promotional T-Shirts! (Made in USA, Union Made, Eco Friendly Options)

Your T-shirt promotion can support your ethics! Learn more about the ethical T-shirts we sell. We carry the best options in American Made, Union Made, and Eco-Friendly T-shirts. Just follow the links on this page. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call (877) 709-3845 we are always glad to help.


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Create and place your order for promotional items by clicking any of the images below to get started. You can upload artwork or create it on the fly with text and our artwork templates.


STEP ONE: Select the specific product you’re interested in printing with your branding or artwork.

STEP TWO: Select the color of the product and add artwork for printing to where ever the designated print area is.

STEP THREE: “Save & Share” to create an account with log in to easily access and edit your shopping cart.

STEP FOUR: Make sure to select your size breakdown. Add at least the minimum order quantity and you’ll be able to place your order from the site!

PL003-100-cotton-T-shirtsCPN-550402501 Union made 100% cotton T-shirts. All Platinum tees are made sweatshop-free with fair labor conditions in the USA. Platinum’s cotton is grown in Missisippi, dyed in Pennsylvania, and knitted in North Carolina. Read more… Cotton Union Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online PL007-50-cotton-50-polyester-T-shirtsCPN-550574399 All union made 50/50 cotton/poly blend T-shirts made sweatshop-free with fair labor conditions in the USA. The shirts are made in Georgia by a UFCW union local. Read more… 50/50 Union Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online
65051UNN-unisex-union-made-recycled-jersey-rpet-T-shirtsCPN-550404402 This is, dare we say it, the most ethical T-shirt in our lineup! These T-shirts help us promote our bottom line by now offering a union made recycled version of our most popular shirt! Read more… Union RPET Tees design-your-promotional-product-online Alta-Gracia-100-cotton-T-shirtsCPN-550444795 Alta Gracia T-shirts are union made by workers in the Dominican Republic who receive a living wage and are verified by the Worker Rights Consortium. Read more…  Alta Gracia Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online
5051UNN-unisex-fine-jersey-T-shirtsCPN-550404337 These T-shirts help us promote our bottom line by offering a union made version of our most popular unisex shirt style with a huge range of colors and sizes! Read more… Union Fashion Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online 95051-unisex-organic-rpet-T-shirtsUSARPET Fashionable USA made recycled RPET blend T-shirts with 50% recycled polyester and 50% organic cotton. Read more… USA Made RPET Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-onlineCOMING SOON!
73051-unisex-bamboo-organic-cotton-T-shirtsCPN-550404314 Our new unisex bamboo T-shirts are a 70/30 blend of bamboo/organic cotton for truly breathable and “green” T-shirts. Read more… USA Bamboo Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online 64051-unisex-hemp-organic-cotton-T-shirtsUSAHEMP Make a statement with these 60/40 hemp/organic cotton blend T-shirts. Perfect for hemp legalization statements! Read more… USA Made Hemp Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online
5051-unisex-fine-jersey-organic-cotton-T-shirtsCPN-550404331 We offer Royal Apparel for our younger clients who want a “Couture” fit, while still keeping it ethical. Our unisex organic tees are a very popular option. Read more… USA Organic Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online 5051-unisex-fine-jersey-cotton-T-shirtsCPN-550404334 We offer Royal Apparel for our younger clients who want a “Couture” fit, while still keeping it ethical. Our unisex tees are our most popular option. Read more… USA Fashion Teesdesign-your-promotional-product-online