King Louie Golf Apparel, King Louie Windshirts, Union Made Golf Outerwear

King Louie Golf Jackets and Outerwear are some of the best quality manufactured in America.

You will be well prepared for whatever golf conditions you face!

Their all-Union workforce plays a huge part in making King Louie such an excellent production facility.

Show some solidarity for the next outside event your union local or business plans!

Styles include men’s and women’s clothing such as:

  • Rain Jacket
  • Fleece Vest
  • Microfibre Sport Jacket
  • Microfibre Windshirt
  • Poplin Golf Pullover
  • Fleece Hoody
  • Union Made Sweatshirt
  • Microfibre Driving Jacket
  • Gentleman’s Jacket
  • 1/4 zip Windbreaker Jacket