King Louie Golf Apparel, King Louie Windshirts, Union Made Golf Outerwear


King Louie Golf Jackets and Outerwear are some of the best quality manufactured in America.

You will be well prepared for whatever golf conditions you face!

Their all-Union workforce plays a huge part in making King Louie such an excellent production facility.

Show some solidarity for the next outside event your union local or business plans!

Styles include men’s and women’s clothing such as:

  • Rain Jacket
  • Fleece Vest
  • Microfibre Sport Jacket
  • Microfibre Windshirt
  • 20130531-golf-guide-download-block-for-golf-gear-supplier-page-ROUNDEDPoplin Golf Pullover
  • Fleece Hoody
  • Union Made Sweatshirt
  • Microfibre Driving Jacket
  • Gentleman’s Jacket
  • 1/4 zip Windbreaker Jacket


So fast!

So much fun to use!

Gives you creative inspiration!

We are very pleased with all products that we purchased with you. Will definitely do business with you in the future! Thank you.
Stephanie, Small Business, New York
We received the shirts!!! Thank you so much for working with us! I really appreciate all the work and effort you put into our order and always being there to help us out with suggestions and being patient with our whole process! I’m extremely excited to hear about the bags and will update you when they do come! Thank you again!!
Justin, University Office, California