Ethix Merch is THE # 1 source for Made in the USA, Union Made, and Eco-Friendly Custom Printed Merchandise.

We specialize in branded merchandise made with respect for people and the planet.

If supporting US and union workers and the environment is important to you, as well as staying away from merchandise produced in sweatshops with unfair labor practices,  you’ve found the right place!

Ethix Merch believes in social, economic and environmental justice for all people. Our role in the movement is to connect socially-responsible organizations with ethically-sourced, custom-printed merchandise for their members and events. Our clients trust that Ethix will bring their message to life while promoting living wages, sustainability, and opportunity for workers throughout the supply chain.

Industry News & Insights

In a sea of promotional products distributors, there is no shortage of places to look for custom printed products. At Ethix, our mission to provide ethical merchandise for unions and other mission-based organizations sets us apart from the crowd. Each year we work to achieve......

As an ethical promotional products distributor, community building is an essential part of our commitment to provide quality, sweatshop-free products to organizations that need them.  We work with many incredible organizations whose missions support what we believe in: justice for workers and a cle...

#Striketober As employers struggle to fill job positions, and labor shortages run rampant throughout the country, a new issue is cropping up: worker unrest.  Workers are not only saying NO THANKS to high turnover low-wage jobs, but those with long-term jobs are organizing to demand......

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