Ethix Merch is your source for custom printed ethical promotional items

If you’re looking for promotional items made in USA, union made, eco friendly, living wage, and/or fair trade, Ethix Merch is THE place. Your ethical source.


Merchandise on a Mission

We help you protect your organization’s bottom line without sacrificing its heart and soul.

Your Trusted Ambassador to Ethical Commerce

Since 2002, Ethix Merch has been featuring wholesale promotional items made with respect for the people and the planet. Here you can find branded merchandise and promotional products made in USA, which supports union workers and the environment, and is never produced in sweatshops with unfair labor practices.

Helping You Make Conscious Purchasing Choices

We help you apply your buying power to support workers and protect the environment.

Who is the Typical Ethix Merch Customer?

  1. You were asked to order imprinted apparel or promotional items for your organization. Deadlines loom, and you’d like to scratch this off your long “to-do list.” You need help cutting through the overwhelming options.
  2. Your organization has a socially-conscious mission. All things being equal, you’d prefer to buy promotional merchandise that don’t exploit workers or the environment.
  3. You need branded promotional items. You want to make a sound decision that respects your budget, while still honoring workers and the environment.

Solving Problems, One Branded Promotional Item at a Time

We’re here to help you solve those problems and feel great about your promotional items. Ethix Merch is also trying to solve a much larger problem – so much stuff is created without concern for labor or the environment! We want to change that.

We firmly believe that we can fundamentally alter our industry over time by helping organizations choose ethical options. Organization by organization, our experienced team has supplied thousands of organizations with ethical branded promotional items – on time and on budget.