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We are a Socially and Environmentally Progressive Provider of Custom Printed Promotional Merchandise

We are agents of change

In the world of branded products, so much stuff is created without concern for labor conditions or the environment! 

We want to change that!

We firmly believe that we can fundamentally alter our industry over time by educating organizations, unions and businesses about ethical options for their merchandise, helping them shift to ethical purchasing that supports workers and the environment.

Our journey began in 2006

Our company started with the aspiration to change an industry dominated by products made in sweatshops. We wanted to be the top provider of branded products that were manufactured with regard for the workers and the environment

To say it was a bumpy road at the beginning is an understatement. It took a tremendous amount of work to find the sourcing partners that would meet our high standards but it paid off. Today we are proud to offer a vetted selection of ethically made quality products at a fair price.

We are our customers allies

An increasing number of businesses and organizations are focusing on their environmental and social impact these days, looking to incorporate their ethical values into their purchasing decisions. But when it comes to buying their branded merchandise, it can be difficult to find those ethically made, so they end up settling for whatever they can find. 

Since we only source good quality, ethically sourced products, clients are assured that when they buy from us we have done all of the work for them and our standards match their values and expectations.

Commitment to ethical commerce

We are committed to providing products that support employers who provide fair living wages or recognize the rights of workers to organize unions, as well as workers-owned factories. 

You can easily find the ethical characteristics of our products, they all have at least one of these labels: Union Made, Made in the USA, or Eco-friendly.