USA Made Indoor and Outdoor Thermometers

Second only to calendars, thermometers are checked every day

Why not take advantage of this prime branding opportunity?

We have a large selection and variety of thermometer types. Whether for use in the home or office, or outdoors and in the pool- you’ll find the thermometer to fit the bill! We have a variety of printing solutions depending on what you need: letter press, screenprint, full color digital, laser engraving (wood), and hotstamp.

Whether you want a removable, suction cup gauge or a semi-permanent gauge with mounting screws- we have the best custom thermometer* option for you:

Custom thermometers (indoor/outdoor options):

  • 20 inch Large
  • 15 inch Magnum
  • One Hundred
  • Weather-Guard (with mounting bracket)
  • Temp-Plus (with mounting bracket)
  • Skywatch (with mounting bracket)
  • Number One
  • Tempest II (2 mounting screws included with each thermometer)
  • Orion
  • Spectrum
  • Wood (laser engraved or screen printed)
  • Large Wood (laser engraved or screen printed)

Custom thermometers (indoor/outdoor with suction cups):

  • Slender
  • Flower
  • Corn
  • Five Inch Round
  • Panorama
  • Panorama Junior

Specialty thermometers:

  • Pool or Refrigerator (features nylon cord and pool scale)
  • Frig-Guard (with foam tape)
  • Frig-Hanger (with “S” hook)
  • Comfortemp (stand up desk thermometer)

*Most thermometers are available with Fahrenheit (F) and Celcius (C) (for ease of conversion). Or you can choose one over the other.