Why We Don’t Sell Gildan T-Shirts (or Hanes.. Or Anvil, or Fruit of the Loom)

Fast fashion like Gildan is part of the global race-to-the-bottom.

Many big names like Gildan, Hanes, Anvil, and Fruit of the Loom leave consumers with a great feeling about their brand. But sadly, there is so much more that we don’t see…

These fast fashion brands are part of the global race-to-the-bottom. Most of their clothing is made with much cheaper labor in countries with low-to-no ethical standards or safety regulations and where factories are rampant with worker abuse and wage theft.

This works out well for our wallets, but it’s depleting our local manufacturing. Even worse, it’s hurting workers around the world. And sadly, all of this is benefiting a small few who prioritize profits over real people.

Bottom line: No one should have to suffer to make our t-shirts.

Workers who are already clocking in outrageous hours also rarely get days off, and some even work second jobs. Child labor is common as children are often pushed to support their families, and oftentimes must drop out of school to do so.

Though these workers have a long history of rising up for better treatment, safer conditions, fair pay (or to collect their past-due payments), retaliation in terms of scheduling, firing, abuse, and even police violence and jail time are all too common.

So, what can consumers even do?

At Ethix, we trust independent, non-profit resources, such as the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and the International Labor Rights Forum, to sort through which t-shirts to offer our clients. Using these resources, we decide what t-shirts to offer, which fall under the Union Made, Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly, and Local/USA labels. Sometimes a brand doesn’t make our cut – even if they do fit one of our criteria.

Other brands which blatantly refuse to allow independent oversight all-together lack the transparency that consumers deserve. Without independent oversight, we at Ethix cannot guarantee that ethical standards are in place and actively enforced; therefore we cannot sell their garments in good faith.


The good news: There are high-quality, ethical and affordable alternatives!

And we’ve got them.

You can feel confident knowing that t-shirts from Ethix are third-party approved. Together, we can help change the future of the garment industry.

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