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A Person Holding Pullover Sweaters

Promotional Pullovers Guide: Styles, Popularity and Strategies

In the world of promotional apparel, you generally find a few specific categories of clothing and accessories. The humble t-shirt is everywhere, of course, as a cheap, useful, effective, and easily branded option. Hats are a common choice as well, offering some utility and a long-lived lifespan to rep your brand. A less common but […]

A Person Using a Checklist

Event and Trade Show Checklist: Packing, Exhibit & More

Running an exhibit or booth at a trade show, convention, or other event is serious business. You don’t have a lot of space, you don’t have a lot of time, and you have to churn through guests in a fast but effective way to leave them satisfied with a memorable experience. It’s a tall order! […]

Trade Show Attendees

20 Eco-Friendly Giveaway Ideas for Trade Shows and Events

Whenever you’re going to a trade show, event, or other gathering, if you’re hosting it or if you have a booth, you want to make it memorable for your attendees. In most cases, the best way to do that is to have something tangible you give away to the people who visit. You can put […]

A Business Earning Certifications

Updated List of Ethical Certifications for Businesses in 2024

When it comes to ethics, there are two types of businesses. There are the businesses that say the words and the businesses that walk the walk. If you want to show the world that you make a tangible difference and that you aren’t afraid to prove it, sustainability certifications are a good way to go […]

An Ethical Company

Who Are The World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2024?

Ethics are tricky. A company can be extremely ethical in their local area, going through all of the motions, but if you dig back into their supply lines, you can find shocking things. Other companies might not be as deeply ethical on the surface, but they go through great pains to source everything they sell […]

A Store Employee

The Dos and Don’ts of Your Employee Uniforms in 2024

It’s 2024, and many businesses around the world require that at least some of their employees wear uniforms. It might be your sales team, your service staff, or everyone in your business; whatever the rule, uniforms are a critical part of your brand. That means you need to handle them properly. Getting a uniform is […]

Reducing Overall Ethics and Compliance Risk

8 Ways to Reduce Your Overall Ethics and Compliance Risk

Ethics in business isn’t solely about taking a stance in your business objectives or switching to moderately more sustainable suppliers. It’s often about compliance, both within your business in the form of employee rules, and as an entity with legal compliance. Any time there are rules, there are going to be penalties for breaking them. […]

Leaders Making Ethical Decisions

What Are The 4 Ethical Frameworks and What Do They Mean?

Here at Ethix, we – for obvious reasons – talk a lot about ethics. The ethics of production, the ethics of raw materials, the ethics of logistics. We want to improve the world around us, support local communities and producers, reduce carbon emissions, and generally do our part to fight climate change, contribute to human […]

Union Made Label

What Does “Union Made” Mean And How Does It Work?

When it comes to the ethical production of products, there are many different considerations. Are the raw materials used to make the product harvested from sustainable sources? Are they converted into materials and later into products using ethical labor and production methods? Are they shipped using green methods and as minimally as possible? All of […]

Supply Chain Internal Audit

Step by Step: How to Do an Internal Audit of Your Supply Chain

Keeping a business healthy means knowing what’s going on, inside and out. The world is a changing place, and your supply chain may have once been built on ethical and sustainable practices and has since slipped – or even the opposite, and it has become better over time. Without a good awareness of what’s going […]