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Unveiled: Ethix’s Guide to Eco Fabrics

We recently released an ebook guide intended to shed light on fabrics labeled “eco-friendly” to our email list. It is now time to share it with those of you that might not be on the list presently! With this new guide to eco fabrics ebook we aim to clear up and educate on current eco options […]

We Source Local So You Can “Buy Local”

What does “Buy Local” Really Mean? The Buy Local movement supports keeping monies in local economies. “Buying Local” can mean different things to different people. To Ethix, buying local is a means to keep (and Grow!) industry in our country.  Buying locally is an immediate means to maintain a steady demand for locally manufactured and […]

Support #FairTuesday’s Debut!

Now, After CyberMonday comes … #FairTuesday! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, then Cyber Monday…. it seems like soon we’ll have every day of the week dedicated to its own shopping cause! Ethix strives to support local, American-Made products that support fair labor practices every day. So we think it’s pretty cool that some of the great […]

Unionize and Fair Trade Your Halloween

October marks the month that we all start to ponder the impending winter, but it also marks falling autumn leaves and the ghoulish excitement of Halloween! Two exciting celebrations occur every October: Fair Trade Month and Co-op Month 2012.  And we have different types of customizable merchandise items for trick-or-treating and other Halloween and harvest festivities. We […]

The Leaves Are Changing As Are Our Newest Items

Need Halloween and fall giveaways, customized for your group?  Custom merchandise is our specialty… Halloween is the second biggest retail holiday, and it’s right around the corner, so we’ve put together a list of brand new halloween and fall-related items…all made in the United States! We have also added some new fine jewelry to our catalog, […]

UMich LGBTQIA Allies Decked Out in Purple

Whether your group or company has: strict budgetary requirements, a short time frame, or custom design needs (or any combination thereof)- Ethix will rise to the occasion.  It’s our specialty to find that perfect blend of ethical merchandise for our clients large and small. Last month we were happy to put together a rush order […]

Does Your Swag Tank Need a Refill Before the End of Year Haul?

It is starting to feel like fall here in the Northeast, which has us curious-  Is your branded promo merch ready for the end-of-year stretch? We have a plethora of new USA made custom swag to meet your needs as we find ourselves in autumn.  How about union made 2013 calendars or colorful ice scrapers?  They […]

Enjoy the Last Days of Summer with Our Ethical Merch at Your Upcoming Event

Retro tie dye shirts and lip balm customized for an outing? We can do that… … and they’re all made in America! In a pinch Ethix can find you US Made, eco-friendly, and sweatfree customized ethical event merch perfect to promote your group! Did we have any takers on the “contest” for August? The staff here […]

Our Recent Finds- Sweet “Sweatfree” New Promo Swag

Hilarious Hawaiian Shirts, customized for your group? We can do that… … and we will make them in America! The range of custom sweatfree promo swag made here in the USA (or Canada!) is expanding. We have discovered these new items available to customize, including sweatshop-free apparel, paper products, and towels. And, we have a […]

Recycled American Made Pencils for The Nation Magazine

An old-school gift, we love these nostalgic pencils we helped design for The Nation magazine. Wow your child’s teacher with the coolest back-to-school gift! You can purchase an individual pencil pack online here. Just please make sure the teachers you give these to are progressive since The Nation is known as “the flagship of the […]