Mission Driven Nonprofits Branding Ethically Sourced Apparel

The For No More Foundation is a new organization working to end slavery, hunger, sweatshops, and all injustices through a faith-based foundation. As they say on their website:
We want to incite a revolution, a drastic and far reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving, as we stand together to make a difference in our world.  Our battle cry is simple... NO MORE!  No More Hunger and Thirst, No More Orphans, No More Slavery, No More Walking Alone... not on our watch!

The Real Food Challenge is an organization of young people shifting the food industry toward positive and healthy solutions. Working with universities and utilizing student power is always tricky, but fortunately these intelligent organizers picked the most ethical business cards to represent them on the...

Give_ethical_gifts_this_holiday_0Sweatfree Custom Holiday Gifts for All!

You've been asked to figure out everyone's gift this year - something unique but useful, great quality but not too expensive. Oh yeah, and you need to make sure it wasn't made out of toxic materials by child labor in a sweatshop. No worries! Contact us with whatever artwork idea you have, and the date you need your present, and we will work with you to find the best customized product for your organization. We can even help you coordinate gift baskets or gift cards with union made, USA, eco-friendly, and fair trade presents.

Union Embellished, USA Made Merchandise: For Work and Play IUOE Local 501, of California and Nevada, was gracious in their support of union and USA manufactured items for a recent activity day for their members. Since these are the hardworking people who keep our homes safe...

Ethical Organization Merchandise, Simply

We want your experience to be easy when ordering ethical customized items. That's why we've created the following guides for upcoming events. These event guides bring together some of the best ideas for parades, back-to-school, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We know it's a little early to think about fall, but the more you can plan in advance, the better. (Though we still love rush orders; contact us when it's your last minute). Here's to turning your creative wheels-

Great Union Made Promotional Products

Are your teams and organizations prepared for the dog days of summer? Make sure your Scouts, campers, and youth groups have American-made flashlights and sunblock, and keep your Rugby team ethically outfitted with Canadian-sewn player apparel! (Other sports teams can find clothing made in the USA here.) We love these fun summertime items, but what can you do if you need a promo product that will be used all year long...? We are proud to introduce jar openers made from recycled tires. We can't think of a more cost-effective and helpful item if you want constant exposure and gratitude toward your group!

Eco- and Labor-Friendly Promo Merch

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and marathon runners are being cheered on with union-made printed megaphones! Oh yes- and then there are home repair projects with customized American-made screwdrivers. We love summer! Want more creative new ideas for ethical promotional products?  Absolutely, we can help! Here are some of our latest favorites.  Let us know if you have any questions.

UAW Local 4121 represents Academic Student Employees at three University of Washington campuses. For their newest contract negotiations, these Academic Student Employees showed commitment to solidarity (when unions buy union made) and purchased union made and living wage Alta Gracia T-shirts! What's more- their shirts were...