"Moisture Wicking" does not mean "Sweatfree"

Whether you are enjoying a warm day at work or playing sports with friends, we think it's important that you are comfortable! Did you know that you can have comfort while supporting sweatshop-free manufacturing? Sweatshops got their name from the stuffy, often scorching, working conditions sewers regularly experience. Oftentimes large corporations "cut-and-run" when employees try to organize to gain better conditions. Sweatshop activists have documented examples of sporting goods giants like Nike and Russell who have pulled out of contracted factories when workers voiced their need for respectful working standards.

Ethically Sourced Custom T-shirts

T-shirts are by far the most popular customized promotional item. We sell a lot of shirts! This popularity also means shirts have the most different ethical options available. Navigating these options and making an informed decision is a tricky task, especially if your job isn't researching all day long. That's why Ethix exists- we do the research so you don't have to! We pride ourselves on being the most accurate source of information about ethical custom T-shirts.

Union Made T-shirts Showing Support to Labor

Repower America, a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection, has annually shown support to labor by purchasing union made T-shirts from Ethix Merch. These organizations understand that climate change can only be addressed by including organized labor and creating "clean energy jobs", and they have chosen to express their commitment to labor allies by supporting union made products.

Custom Caps - Keep Warm, or Cool, with Labor and Environmental Standards!

Headwear comes in a wide array of shapes and styles, making it one of the most popular accessories. But do you know whether your organization's custom hats were made with ethics in mind?
Be certain that your caps, bandannas, headbands, and more are made with fair labor practices and organic materials the next time you order.

20110127_alta_gracia_shirts.jpg_bLiving Wage, Union Made Apparel

Have you heard of Alta Gracia, the living wage union made brand of collegiate apparel? The factory making these shirts is monitored by the Worker Rights Consortium, (WRC), a highly respected independent labor rights watchdog. Over 350 college bookstores now carry Alta Gracia; you can search this website for a bookstore near you. 

Blue-Green Values Found in Sundance Gear Sundance Film Festival is a world famous event, but did you know they select merchandise with values in mind? It makes sense festival organizers believe in supporting green and local, since they are "dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists...

Union Made and USA Made Outwear

We want to know the clothing keeping us warm is made under safe working conditions and with organic and recycled materials whenever possible. If you're reading this, you probably feel the same way! Fortunately, there are a range of options for the ethical shopper. If you were the one charged with finding the perfect winter coat embellished with your company or organization's logo, then please use this handy guide to know what options you have.