20101112_EB_picChild Labor and Sweatshop-free Baby One Pieces

One of the most heartbreaking realities of our current fashion supply chain is how many children work to make clothes for other children. If you were born in the wrong hemisphere where few options exist for education, then you and your family could have ended up working in a sweatshop alongside kids who ought to be in school.

excessive-underarm-sweatingOur Niche: Ethically Sourced Merchandise

Boy, do we have a lot of trouble with terminology in our office. For starters, we're in the "promotional products industry," selling "custom-printed merchandise." Huh? What? Exactly. Even some of our best clients aren't yet familiar with those terms.
Sometimes it’s nice to stop pushing for a minute and recognize that, indeed, the “arc of the universe...bends toward justice.” 6.17.09Despite (or perhaps even partially because of) the passage of California’s Prop 8 last November, much progress has been made of late in the long struggle for LGBT rights. Just this year, the number of U.S. states to legalize gay marriage jumped from two to six. And this week, President Obama announced that federal employees will be permitted to share some of their benefits with same-sex partners. (Allowing same-sex partners to share full health benefits will require legislation.)

What a great image: nurses at Parkview Community Hospital in Riverside, California, signing a union contract (their first!) and proudly wearing union made and union printed t-shirts. Congratulations to Parkview RNs and the UNAC/UHCP on this milestone, and thanks for extending your support to union printers and garment...