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20140219-VERTICAL-USA-and-Union-Made-custom-bages-pins-buttonsButtons printed with a union bug make great promotional items for any political campaign that wants to extend its reach. In fact, union bug buttons are one of the most versatile promotional products on the market because they're truly one size fits all! Unlike other wearable promotions, you need not worry about the "fit" of a button as everyone you're purchasing for will be able to wear them comfortably. You can use them to easily extend the messaging of your other election campaign supplies.

Support a Living Wage to Further Economic Opportunity At Ethix, together with our clients, we believe in using our purchasing power to support the best possible working conditions for factory workers (in the promotional products industry and beyond!). One project we're very proud to be a part...

The organizations and groups that are drawn to our site and business model are either directly involved in the labor movement or are in favor of just, safe and equitable employment opportunities (shouldn't everyone be?!). We sell only the highest quality union made promotional items to unions, activists, concerned organizations, and businesses. The exchange between our clients and the unions that make our products is a prime example of solidarity purchasing at work. These exchanges show appreciation for the labor and processes that go into making each product.
There are so many month-long awareness and fundraising causes promoted, and it's a great idea to use those Awareness Months to galvanize your own organization's fundraising and brand awareness efforts. You can find the cause or causes that work to support your organization's mission, and then use ethically produced promotional products to spread your message and mission far and wide.

Kick off the New Year with fresh, USA, and Union Made branded merchandise for your business or organization.

kicking-off-New-Year's-with-ethical-swag-and-promotionsThe beginning of the year comes with resolutions. Resolutions to lose weight, stop smoking, give more to philanthropic foundations, or to be an engaged conscious consumer. We encourage our clients and prospective client to think about the impact your purchases make. Promotional products are traditionally made with the absolute bottom line in mind- pure profit turning. We aim to add heart and soul to the promotional products industry with the work we do here at Ethix.

A Lasting Promotional Item for a Small Business

[caption id="attachment_4667" align="alignright" width="300"]Manchaug Mills USA Made Tote Bags (456x640) Pictured above is Ruth, Ethix's office administrator, modeling a tote from the Manchaug order. Talk about "buy local"- these bags were ordered in Massachusetts, sewn in Illinois, and printed in Rhode Island![/caption] We were happy to partner with the owners of Manchaug Mills (where our East Coast offices are based) for a recent cross-promotion. "'Tis the season to give" and they needed a promotional item for their community blood drive the week before Christmas. The consensus was that reusable bags would offer a great promotional opportunity since they have a substantial imprint area. Totes are infinitely useful. They're great reusable shopping bags and a wonderful way to publicize your organization and logo. Tote bags were also a great way to incentivize donor participation.

Fight the Winter Chill with Locally Made, Customized Winter Weather Apparel

High angle view of a girl standing in snow Looking to offer employees or volunteers a way to bundle up against the cold while still promoting your brand or organization? Consider warm, union made duck jackets and workwear for outdoor projects. These durable work wear jackets (similar to the Carhartt style jackets) will look top notch with your logo embroidered on the chest or printed on the back!

#ShopLocal for the Holidays

Year after year Americans find themselves lured into the "Black Friday" hype. With all the bright, flashy ads around Thanksgiving, it's no wonder! gift box FINAL for title page (400x600)As retail shoppers you feel the transition happening - sale flyers snuck into your shopping bags (as soon as Halloween!), the TV commercial spots, full page magazine spreads, and more. What message is it that we hear?:
"Wait to buy. Wait a mere few hours after giving thanks for your family, your friends, and what you have this past year...and then buy, and buy BIG!"
Instead, give something that can be useful to both the intended receiver and for your brand - utilize a term I like to call "conscious gift-giving" and shop local, shop with intent.

Making a Statement with Ethically Sourced T-Shirts

USW 5032 Labor day parade pic 1-2013 (600x321)This assortment of vivid photos is a sampling of some recent promotional T-shirt orders: USA Made T-shirts, custom printed living wage Alta Gracia T-shirts, all union printed and worn with pride.Wearing your mission "on your sleeve" is a concept most of our clients are familiar with. Spending some time to make sure your message is clear is a good use of your valuable time. It's important, not only to those wearing your promotional T-shirt, but also those coming into contact with your promotional product.