mirror-looking-back-on-where-youve-come (350x263)Send a Holiday Gift that Shows Where You're Going

Coming up with each year's holiday gift is a challenge - plain and simple. Doesn't it seem like there are always too many ideas, or too few? Let us help you select the perfect corporate holiday gifts, which show your appreciation while also inviting your supporters to stay on board for the year ahead. What kind of precedent do you want to set with this first of the year touch base with your constituents? Have a big announcement that could work with a particular product concept? Go with it! Our friendly and creative staff are here to assist you in putting together the best presentation to kick off the new year with a bang!

Promotional Products that ARE a Cause

reweave-logo-with-back-art-with-shadowWe work with a number or nonprofits and social enterprises on requests for 'sound' product purchases for their donors and most ardent advocates. These are the individuals that promotional products are geared for- your fans and supporters and those you would like to see as such. What better can you think to say a big 'Thank You' to your supporters than with high quality, ethically sourced products? Show solidarity with the labor and human rights movements while spreading the good work that your nonprofit does! 

Send Unique Holiday Gifts that Truly Make an Impression

GoodBLUE-freezing-knit-wearing-chihuahua-loves-the-holidaysMost people view the holiday season as one of giving gifts, being merry, and spending quality time with family and friends. At Ethix we view the holidays in much the same way and work diligently to provide the best in quality, bulk holiday gift orders for our clients. Need a Made in the USA promotional gift? No problem. Choose which of your ethics you want to support with our handy ethical stamps, then let us guide you to the best promotional gifts for your organization or company.

Skip this Guide to Creating Customized Calendars at Your Peril!

click-for-FREE-Ethix-Merch-custom-calendar-guide-downloadIf you haven't downloaded our new guide to custom calendars yet, your life is still too complicated. We make it simple and fast to get your custom calendar orders rolling for the New Year (Yes, it's already time to start thinking about that!).

Converting Passerby to Client

20131002 Central Mass Business Expo boothWe try to take our own advice from time to time, especially with regards to self promotions. We created this trade show booth (left) at this year's Central Mass Business Expo held at Worcester's DCU Center last week. The visual impact was strong, wouldn't you agree? Our recent blog on "The Secret to Irresistible Trade Show Promotions" lays out some basic best practices for trade show impact. Booths should convey a unified, clear message (and useful take-home giveaways don't hurt!).

Tragedy Puts Spotlight on Sweatshops

We've reached a watershed moment in the history of the international labor movement. For decades now, garment workers have been dying while toiling in unsafe factories, subcontracted by western apparel giants who deny any responsibility for these preventable tragedies. But for the first time in a generation, ethically-made options are on the upswing, and workers are regaining a sense of dignity and empowerment. Our CEO and co-founder, Kevin O'Brien, has made it his life's work to better understand domestic and global supply chains as well as responsible production. He works tirelessly to fill orders with factories that value transparency and a democratic worker voice. This is the goal of Ethix Merch, and we're very excited to be recognized for the work we do. This week we were featured by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Thanks to all those involved in spreading the word about worker safety, respect, and ethically sourced garments. You can see the interview on Worcester T&G, or read it below:

Promotions in Disguise

20130912 calendar cover page logoWhenever you get a calendar from someone, don't you really think of it as a gift? You know you do! We all do! We think of it as something useful, that really needs to be kept. And we're grateful that whoever sent that custom calendar (even if it is a promotional item) thought of us. When you send a supporter or customer a promotional calendar, you know you're sending it because it promotes your brand all year long. But what's great about this type of customized promotional item is that the recipients don't see it that way: chances are, they consider your promotional calendar as simply a gift.

October is National Crime Prevention Month

CRIME-prevention-and-Neighborhood-watch-safety-promotional-productsSeems like there's a meaning to every month these days! Not only is October known for Fair Trade Month, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Co-op celebrations, but hey, guess what? It's also crime prevention month! Some people think it's a crime NOT to buy promotional items made right here in America. Think about all those scary stories of unsafe working conditions and poor product quality from shady operations overseas.... now that's a crime. But have no fear, Ethix Merch is here! 

The holiday season will be here before we know it! Be ready with bulk order corporate holiday gifts for Christmas and the New Year.

USA-made-Union-made-corporate-holiday-gifts-bulk-gift-ideas-NO-MEATPlan ahead and spread the awareness about your company or organization with ethically sourced holiday gifts like a customized bulk order of local holiday gift items. Need corporate gifts for the company holiday party? Want to show appreciation for your staff and supporters? Let us help you design and send thoughtful and unique holiday gifts this year. 

Official Citation issued to Ethix Ventures, Inc. by the Massachusetts Senate

Massachusetts Senator Richard T. Moore visited our Sutton office to issue our team of Merchant Adventurers with an official citation. Don't worry, it was the pleasant kind of citation! Senator Moore had recently read about our company’s work in promoting ethically made promotions and merchandise, and wanted to recognize our efforts by presenting our staff with a Senate Citation. Our citation was issued in recognition of our "efforts to set high industry standards and promoting ethically made merchandise" by selling sweatshop-free merchandise.