New_Products_Dec_2012Throughout the year we have the privilege to work with wonderful groups and individuals with their ethically produced promotions. Here's a recap of our most popular promotional products of 2012...

Whether you're looking for custom, made-from-scratch baseball hats or sweet treats to say 'thank you' to your clients - we have you covered! Below you will see examples of our Ethix holiday gifts (2011 & 2012), our new hat quoters we are so excited to offer, as well as a unique winter hat option we were happy to work on for a favorite eco group.These (and much, MUCH more) are available for that next event you are planning. Do you have a deadline approaching- just contact us today to get your custom quote!

Purchasing hats in bulk for your group or company just got easier!

Need a bulk order of custom hats? Now it's a snap with our new custom bulk hat quoters. Take a look and try your hand! We anticipate it will make selecting and ordering the right American Made and Union Made hats for your organization that much easier!
i-am-pro-snow-climate-reality-project-knit-hats-and-tshirts (collage)My favorite blog posts are about "Merch We've Made". I love spotlighting the finished products that we've created with our clients, like those shown in these photos. This most recent order was for The Climate Reality Project, an environmental organization we've enjoyed working with over the years. Ethix made custom knit winter hats, buttons, stickers/tags, and tshirts with the slogan for CRP's initiative: I AM PRO SNOW
We recently released an ebook guide intended to shed light on fabrics labeled "eco-friendly" to our email list. It is now time to share it with those of you that might not be on the list presently! With this new guide to eco fabrics ebook we aim to clear up and educate on current eco options available on the U.S. market.  We have included an "Ethix Grade" for the fabrics in our guide which is...of course...followed by an explanation.  At the end of the guide you will also find links to organizations that are working to make bamboo and hemp cultivation more eco friendly, (legal), and viable for American industry.

What does "Buy Local" Really Mean?

Deans-Beans-biodegradable-Plastic-USA-made-Travel-MugThe Buy Local movement supports keeping monies in local economies. "Buying Local" can mean different things to different people. To Ethix, buying local is a means to keep (and Grow!) industry in our country.  Buying locally is an immediate means to maintain a steady demand for locally manufactured and cultivated products. In fact, supporting USA industry and fair labor practices is what our company is all about.

Now, After CyberMonday comes ... #FairTuesday!

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, then Cyber Monday.... it seems like soon we'll have every day of the week dedicated to its own shopping cause! Ethix strives to support local, American-Made products that support fair labor practices every day. So we think it's pretty cool that some of the great causes we're behind every day are now getting more attention from the shopping public.
America Recycles Day 2012Every November 15th is "America Recycles Day" with events organized and held across the country. Be a part of it! Many items we use daily can be recycled. Every day, Americans have the choice to recycle or not. Designating a day specifically for recycling promotes the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling. It also encourages more people to join the movement!  
October marks the month that we all start to ponder the impending winter, but it also marks falling autumn leaves and the ghoulish excitement of Halloween! Two exciting celebrations occur every October: Fair Trade Month and Co-op Month 2012.  And we have different types of customizable merchandise items for trick-or-treating and other Halloween and harvest festivities. We think that these merchandise items go along like pumpkin pie and whipped cream: