carhartt_ripBAD NEWS

Read it and weep.  Another brand disaster thanks to Carhartt.  That’s right, the old and (un)trusted brand that used to symbolize Union Made craftsmanship will no longer offer the Union Made in USA part of their product line.  Shame on you Carhartt!!


There are plenty of highly skilled UFCW workers who can make you quality, Union Made in the USA duck cotton canvas jackets and workwear in our Union manufacturing facilities.

UPDATE 09-28-2012:  Carhartt Clothing has come back to the US for 5 of their most popular jackets with their Fall 2012 line.  These items are going to not only be made in the USA, but will also be exclusive to the US.  None of their international factory mills will be manufacturing these items.  This is a step in the right direction for this generations old former American union clothing company- yet we still are not offered a guaranteed union option.

Call today to order these union made jackets:

Canvas Duck Jacket Hooded Duck Jacket Blanket Lined Duck
KL_Durango_6620_web KL_Cumberland_1300_web ul_long_jack
Quilt Lined Coveralls Quilt Lined Overalls Quilt Lined Vest
ul_coverall ul_overall ul_vest
Blanket Lined Jacket Thermal Hooded jacket
ul_jack ul_hood_jack

If there was a Carhartt style that you loved and absolutely need to have we can manufacturer it for you.  In order to manufacturer a new style we need to set up an entire sewing line so we can’t do less than 1000 pieces at a time.  Let us know how we can be of assistance.