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Year in Review: The Best Tees of 2022

This year things started to come alive again as many organizations returned to the office, rallies and public events roared back, workers from several organizations went on strike, and everyone was hitting the streets using their collective voice. We dubbed this summer the summer of the t-shirt because everywhere we turned, the shirts were out […]

5 Reasons to Support the FABRIC Act

Providing organizations with responsibly-sourced branded merchandise is our priority because improving workers’ lives and environmental sustainability are part of our values. So when we heard about the Fabric Act, we knew we would not only endorse it but work hard to make sure it’s signed into federal law. The FABRIC Act (Fashioning Accountability and Building […]

Fair Trade and Fashion                                                                                                                       

Robert “Toby” Fatzinger The fashion industry has traditionally depended on value creation, labor subjugation, and environmental deregulation to drive profits.  To combat these practices, a fair-trade movement working to re-shape consumer culture has begun to develop.  Ethix Ventures is a U.S. merchandise distributor that has teamed up with The Industrial Commons, a North Carolina manufacturing […]

A New Case for USA Made: What We Learned From 2020 + What’s New for Ethix

We don’t need to say it, but we still will: 2020 was an unforgettable year! We all leaped into the unknown without any safety net – many of us grasping for normalcy in our businesses, personal lives, and routines. And here we are in 2021 with a new set of challenges (we’ll save that for another […]

Sunrise Movement + Ethix Merch on a Mission: 1.2 Million Postcards for Change

Get Out the Vote Postcard Project  📬 When we say Merchandise On A Mission, we mean it! The tagline describes our postcard project with environmental super advocates, Sunrise Movement. As the 2020 election approached, with traditional campaigning on hold due to COVID, Sunrise got creative to get their message out and reach targeted voters in […]

Pushing the “Tipping Point” on Ethical Purchasing

Once you start delving into Catholic Social Teaching, you’re bound to be inspired before too long. So, it’s not surprising that I chose the Catholic community as the focus of Ethix Merch‘s effort to move one community’s institutional purchasing past the “tipping point” on ethical purchasing.

What’s New at Ethix

Happy New Year from the Ethix Team!  2019 was an exceptionally productive year for us, and we hit the ground running into 2020! Before we move on to what’s new, let’s recap the highlights from last year.  Growing the Team In 2019 our team nearly doubled in size as production increased!  We are thrilled to […]