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Why We Support the Garment Worker Protection Act

According to the UCLA Labor Center, there are over 46,000 garment workers in the Los Angeles area. Known as the epicenter of apparel manufacturing in the United States, Los Angeles apparel manufacturing brings in $4.7 billion annually. It sounds like business is booming, right? It is, but garment workers are not benefitting. They are often […]

International Labor Rights Forum + Global Labor Justice Team Up to Advocate for Global Workers

On July 1st, the International Labor Rights Forum and Global Labor Justice officially merged into one dynamic organization. The Washington, DC based organizations, now united, will continue the fight for global worker justice at a time when it’s needed most. View their press release here: The International Labor Right Forum and Global Labor Justice Are Joining Forces to Defend Worker Rights and Build Worker Power in the Global Economy

Janus v. AFSCME: “Right to Work” Attacks on the Labor Movement

As the Supreme Court reviews Janus v. AFSCME, labor unions nationwide are hunkering down for this “right to work” attack that could undermine workers’ ability to form unions and collectively bargain. But first, what is “right to work”? “Right to work” is a misnomer for what are really anti-worker attacks. “Right to work” laws make […]