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5 Reasons to Support the FABRIC Act

Providing organizations with responsibly-sourced branded merchandise is our priority because improving workers’ lives and environmental sustainability are part of our values. So when we heard about the Fabric Act, we knew we would not only endorse it but work hard to make sure it’s signed into federal law. The FABRIC Act (Fashioning Accountability and Building […]

How to Choose the Right Custom Mug for Your Organization

It’s that time of year again!  Students are returning to school, fall is upon us, and we are starting to think about cozying up with a warm beverage. It’s also getting close to National Coffee Day on September 29th! That got us thinking about ethically sourced coffee mugs. Custom printed mugs make a great gift, […]

Is Your T-Shirt Design Ready for Print?

When it comes to t-shirt design, there are some key details that can save you both time and money on your order. And in t-shirt design, as in life, you’re probably the type of person who likes to save time and money.. right? Who doesn’t? One important detail we see that so often gets missed is […]

Sweatshop Free on a Limited Budget

Help! I Want Sweatshop-Free T-Shirts But I Have a Limited Budget! T-Shirts are a great way to get your organization’s message out there. But, they can take up a sizable chunk of your budget, especially when you want to make sure to buy an ethically sourced option. So how can you get the best bang […]

🍫 Show Your Appreciation With Edible Gifts

The holiday season is upon us! After a turbulent year, many of us are reaching for some creature comforts to help us through. Here are some of our edible gift products available to ship to your members or customers just in time for the holidays. Choose from perishable and non-perishable items, and tack on a […]

Top 5 Holiday Gift Picks

Here’s our top 5 favorites for this holiday season. We’ve got some cozy and some comfort – something for everyone!  Looking for something special? Check out our 2020 Holiday Catalog here. Contact us for more information or product pricing.   1. Cooper Large Leather Journal Need we say more? This gorgeous leather bound journal is […]

Face Masks 101

😷 Face Masks – What do we Know? Many manufacturers have stepped up to produce reusable cloth masks in the USA since the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended that we all cover our faces in public. Each day the market is more saturated with new mask designs and materials – cloth masks, masks with […]

6 Tips to Successfully Work From Home

Working remotely for the foreseeable future?  You’re living the dream, right??? At Ethix, most of our team is remote. We are scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest down to California, in New York, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico. We’ve been doing this for a while and we’ve got some expert advice to share with you. 1. Stick With […]

ACT UP T-Shirts and Buttons – Made by Ethix Merch

One of our favorite projects to date was making the Act Up T-shirts and buttons. Back in 2012, we were privileged to have worked with ACT UP AIDS. Their Coalition to Unleash Power campaign included a call to action and the promotion of their documentary, “How To Survive the Plague,” so the campaign required lots of visibility. A […]

Make a Positive Impact with Union Made Merchandise!

Your business makes a ton of purchases throughout the year. Uniforms, holiday gifts, promotional items, calendars, and more… But where are they coming from? Do you know how that company treats its employees, or if they pay a fair wage? How can you ever be sure? One way to ensure your products are tied to good wages and fair […]