Eco-Friendly T-shirts That Meet Environmentally Friendly Standards – Printed Organic Cotton T-shirts, Locally Made in the USA

What does it mean to make an eco-friendly T-shirt? 

If a T-shirt is truly “green” it is produced with:

  • Greenpeace-USA-Made-Organic-Cotton-Eco-printed-T-shirt-e1424459602571Minimal environmental impact.
  • Raw materials used to produce the shirt must be either be 100% organic or fair trade certified.
  • No hazardous materials can be used in the manufacturing or production of the T-shirt including the eleven flagship hazardous chemicals that are mentioned in Greenpeace International’s report, “Dirty Laundry: Unraveling the corporate connections to toxic water pollution in China“.
  • Textiles that can be easily cleaned and do not require dry-cleaning.
  • A transparent supply chain.
  • Environmental packaging and transport used should be the most sustainable option available – producing the least amount of impact to the environment as possible.

Ethix Merch is proud to say we meet the above environmental standards, have a keen eye for detail, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to eco-friendly printing and products.

Most importantly – we have a deep understanding of Greenpeace’s Global Textile Procurement Policy which is why Greenpeace International choose to order eco-friendly T-shirts from us.

Do you have a question about your eco-friendly T-shirt options or are you ready to place an order?

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