The Essential Worker Appreciation Kit: For the Workers on the Front Lines

Not everyone has the opportunity to shelter-in-place. Some workers are still out there in the field, risking their health to keep essential services online. Healthcare professionals, grocery workers, sanitation workers, and many others. If your organization’s employees or members are among these heroes, we’ve put together an “Essential Workers Appreciation Kit” to help you stay connected and make sure these workers know how much you value them. All items come branded with your logo. The kit includes a 100% cotton t-shirt with your logo on the front chest. Support American manufacturing and relief efforts with your purchase! $1 for every t-shirt will be donated to Oxfam America to support efforts to fight COVID-19. All items are Made in USA.

We can ship the kits to individual addresses or to your headquarters. Ask us about custom bundles! For more information, click to request a quote, or contact us at [email protected]