Ethix Merch on CNN: Helping Conscious Consumers Find Ethical Apparel Brands

Judy Gearhart, the Executive Director of the International Labor Rights Forum, spoke with CNN earlier this month following the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh. Not only did she elaborate on the conditions of the Bangladesh garment industry, but she also gave great advice for the average consumer wanting to support ethical garment production. Gearheart encouraged conscious consumers to seek out clothing and apparel that is NOT produced in sweatshops, with forced labor/unlivable wages, or in unsafe work environments. But where to find them?

“A Handful of Brands” are Ethical: Ethix Merch, Unionwear, and Alta Gracia

In the interview EthixMerch, Unionwear and Alta Gracia are named as the top 3 ethical apparel brands. “There are a handful of brands that are really trying to produce in a way that’s absolutely ethical throughout their supply chain…including brands like Ethix Merch, UnionWear or AltaGracia.” Gearhart encourages conscious consumers to “find those brands that are really taking the next step” and commiting to improving working conditions even beyond what is minimally required by law.

Full Judy Gearhart CNN Interview

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More news on the current state of factories in Bangladesh, global garment hub: