Green Brand Apparel and T-shirts

Please Note: Green Brand® is no longer in business. We regret this source of American made eco-clothing is no longer available. We recommend these alternatives: 

Green Brand® clothing is environmentally friendly apparel, made with recycled T-shirts made of cotton and polyester in the USA.

There are many reasons and facts Green Brand® uses to show us the benefits of their apparel line:

  • “Green Brand® is a line of fashion garments made from pre-consumer 100% cotton fabric.
  • Recycled cotton eliminates/reduces the use of harsh dyes and chemicals, and pesticides.
  • There are currently five to six billion pounds of pre-consumer cotton “table waste” from cut and sew facilities finding its way into landfills in the U.S. alone (source: Green Steps Journal).
  • Cotton uses approximately 25% of the world’s insecticides. Closer to home, cotton consumes 60% of all insecticides applied in the U.S.A (source: USDA).

Recycled cotton also:

  • Takes less energy and water to process.
  • Doesn’t take the manual labor or land use that is required for conventionally grown cotton.
  • 20150407-BUTTON-block-for-custom-T-shirt-savings-checklist-guide-downloadHelps divert the millions of tons of textile waste that enter our landfills each year.”

If you absolutely need to consume apparel for your cause or organization, then we encourage you to consider these unique shirts. We can help with your artwork and customization! Just contact us.