Mug-guide-slideshow-how-to-buy-bulk-mugs-CROPPEDMost of us know not any ole coffee mug will do- your organization deserves the best labor standards for every product you offer clients, donors, or staff members.

We wanted to share a nifty guide for all-around responsibly produced promotional mugs.

Perhaps there’s an item or two you didn’t know was an option (such as a bio-based plastic mug made from corn) and would work perfectly for your next order.

With our mug guide you will:

  • Get a checklist to help place your order.
  • See actual examples of how our free price quotes work.
  • Get fresh ideas for different mug types and how they can be customized (ceramic, glass, recycled, bio-based and more!).
  • After you finish checking off this list you’ll feel like a mug guru and be ready to place your order.

We look forward to helping you find the right item- whether it’s something in this guide or a completely different idea from our website!

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