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How to Order Bulk American Made Tee Shirts

100% Made in the USA T-shirt Options

usa_xyzOur American made T-shirt options are 100% made in the USA at factories we have worked with for years. We know there is increasing demand for American made products right now, which is why we are pleased to offer these wholesale USA T shirt brands.

Ordering customized tees is a process with many steps. We walk people through this process every day, which is why we used our expertise to create a checklist for organizations to follow. We hope you will check out our Tips Guide for Ordering Tees today!


Why American Made?

We support American manufacturing when union made clothing isn’t available in a particular style. This is because we put faith in the U.S.A. labor laws and standards for protecting workers and preventing sweatshops. It is not a perfect system, but we are constantly researching and informing ourselves about various factories producing U.S. made T shirts.

When you buy tees made in America you help our economy, especially if you can make these purchases for large organizations. We also recognize the environmental benefits of a local supply chain for all our USA made T shirts and made in USA promotional products.

Made in America T-Shirt Options

It’s amazing how many things are still manufactured in the U.S. We have a variety of colors and cuts available in American made shirts:

Bayside USA Tees Eagle USA 50/50 Tees Royal Apparel Tees
bayside_tee_shirts_usa_made American Made Sports Clothing Royal T-Shirts
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