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How to Use our Site to Buy Branded Promotional Items

You need branded promotional items. And you’ve got ethical standards you want to support. Not to mention, a budget to stick to! We’re here to help.

We make it simple to apply your buying power to the ethics you value most.

Ethix pulls our products from hundreds of manufacturers and we link to these vast product databases. As we’re starting off 2015 with new software, you may occasionally view products that are not Ethix approved. Rest assured we are checking and updating our new database daily and will update it immediately in this case. Please let a salesperson know what you’re interested in, and they’ll explain all your options.

So feel free to contact us about products you see on our site:

  • During your initial search (we make it easy)
  • When you want a price quote
  • With any questions for our sales team
  • Or to order…
    • Now you can get the ball rolling by “checking out” a shopping cart you built on our NEW site

We’ll help you understand the pros, cons, and necessary “tradeoffs” each standard represents. Just ask, and we’ll let you know about availability and budget.

Our merchandise is “tagged” with key words and phrases which with help you better understand which ethical standards it supports. We do all the background checking for you. You don’t have to worry about the complexities of ecological concerns, fair trade and international solidarity in a global economy. That’s our job!

1. Choose your Ethics

Choose from the product selections located under Products at the top of our site. You can choose from our 3 most popular ethical tags or search from scratch

2. Next We Need You to Get in Touch.

Call us at 877-709-3845, fill in a contact form, check out from your shopping cart, or request information on a specific product you’re looking at and you’ll hear back from our team promptly:

  • Got product specifications in mind? We can help with advice.
  • Printing or embroidered? We’ll help you choose the best merchandise.
  • Have your own design? We’ve got great services.
  • Got a hard deadline? Let us know.

3. Get a Quote and Mockup.

One of our Merchant Adventurers will find the perfect ethical product for you, and quickly send you price quotes and mockups.

4. Feel like a superhero: You just did it ALL!

Check out our blog to learn more about Ethix.

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