Customized Promotional Merchandise is Individual and Unique

It can be confusing enough searching for USA made promotional products that meet all of your ethical criteria, but shopping for American made promotions at Ethix Merch is different, starting with the simple fact that we don’t even have a shopping cart on our website.

“No shopping cart?! Then how do I buy these wholesale T-shirts?”

Our website is meant to share information with visitors, and to help them sort through their many options in finding promotional products made in America that meet their ethical standards. Because there are lots of options to consider (like “Will these promotional items support American labor?” or “What if I want USA made and Eco-Friendly promotional items?”) our Merchant Adventurer Team is here to help you make sure you’re getting just what you need.

They’re your guide to finding the right promotional products, and to making your promotion perform at its peak. Sometimes you want more than just to click a button and buy your wholesale promotional T-shirts. Like help with your artwork or advice on how to create a memorable slogan that will make your promotional item more successful. A mouse click just can’t get you there and inspire your creativity- but our Merchant Adventurers can!

USA Made Promotional Products + Artwork = Valuable Branding

Regularly we have clients who appreciate some help with their design concept. We offer so many embellishment options for our American made promotional items, and most of the time it’s helpful to work out the finer details with our salespeople. (Check out how we’ve helped customers improve their artwork for custom promotions – you’ll love the “before” and “after” shots!)

Our staff is dedicated to our values, and yours. We believe in supporting people, which of course means supporting USA labor. It also means supporting our customers with excellent service and that unique human touch. Our staff is here to help with a price quote on promotional items, placing bulk orders for wholesale promotions, and even making your artwork look fabulous!

It’s kind of hard to place a big bulk order with confidence from a website shopping cart, isn’t it? There’s a lot riding on getting it, right? And if it wasn’t already clear, we specialize in custom, bulk, wholesale orders for promotional products.  So if you’re looking for a large order of customized T-shirts, water bottles, keychains, or calendars- you’ve come to the right place. Web site shopping carts scream, “Buy 1 of this and maybe 2 of that!” and that’s not what we’re about. We’re about helping you find just the right product for an effective promotion.

Our staff is here to make the whole buying process simple, straightforward, and hopefully really enjoyable. So reach out for assistance and we’ll be right there.

Contact Us

We have a couple different ways for you to touch base with an experienced and knowledgeable sales person:

  1. Form submission on our web site-
  2. Call us-
    • Toll free number displayed at the top of your screen. (Do you see it up top there?)
    • The phone number you received during a call or email conversation with any of our Merchant Adventurers