Eco Friendly USA Made Stress Ball, Hand Exercisers

Who knew finding domestically sourced stress balls could be so…stressful?

Trust Ethix Merch to share only the best in available options for USA Made stress balls and hand exercisers (that double as intense stress balls).
  • ORIGINAL GRIPPR – Simply the best exercise and stress ball. 100% biodegradeable – it’s a true green product! Patented construction with four layers of latex sealed around millet, an all-natural and biodegradable filler. A unique squeeze every time! All natural and non-toxic. 
  • GAVITY GRIPPR – A heavy handed workout with serious power. Its one pound weight maximizes strength in fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. This exercise ball is ideal for athletes. Easier and more fun to use than traditional dumbbells and weights. All natural components – they’re truly “Green”!

​Both stress ball styles are available in a wide range of colors: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Lavender, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Teal Blue, Yellow, and Globe.