Back-to-school can now be green and socially responsible.

Whether your school store custom items are recycled or union made, or your sports team uniforms are locally manufactured, Ethix can round out your education with a lesson in justice!

Teachers’ unions, art and music classes, service clubs, and athletic programs are just some of the orgs you may know at your local school. Browse the items below that might help fulfill some of these groups’ needs, but if you don’t see what you need please ask us for help finding it on our website.

Also, please know we personally feel the strain on public grade school and university budgets, so we have a range of economical custom back to school gear and product options. We want ethical merchandise to be accessible to all, so please always ask for price quotes and artwork advice on your project.

Union Made BackpacksUnion Made, Living Wage T-shirts
Union_Made_BackpacksCustom Alta Gracia T-shirts
Recycled Plastic Sporting GoodsUnion Made Eco Headwear
Recycled, Union Made Productsuwhats_eco
Lanyards and Body CareUnion & Recycled Pens and Pencils
Sports Uniforms, American MadeUnion Made Buttons, Pins, & Stickers
American Made Sports Clothingunion_made_buttons_and_pins
USB Flash DrivesUSA Made Baseball Bats