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Alta Gracia T-shirts are union made by workers in the Dominican Republic who receive a living wage.

This is verified by the Worker Rights Consortium. In an exciting partnership, we are able to bring you blank and custom printed T-shirts that were previously only available in college bookstores. Currently, our Alta Gracia inventory includes:

  • Black, Grey, and White Basic T-shirts
  • 5.3 oz Short Sleeve Crew 100% Cotton Jersey
  • Local printing that includes a union bug
  • You can order a sample shirt to be shipped anywhere in the United States

The Worker Rights Consortium, the labor rights watchdog with which over 180 universities are affiliated, verifies that Alta Gracia pays its workers a living wage, respects it workers rights to form a union, and monitors the factory, unrestricted, frequently.

HAE Now certified organic, fair trade T-shirts are available following the Fair Trade USA pilot project.

While Ethix Merch has major concerns with the Fair Trade USA apparel certification pilot, we made HAE Now a supplier because of their commitment to the environment and union labor as a small business.

Hae Now manufacturers at higher labor standards established by Fair Trade USA’s fair trade standards. With that said, there are still questions about whether their labor standard is high enough to be considered sweatfree.

Our HAE Now Fair Trade T-shirts and Wearable Options:

  • Unisex and Women’s Organic S/S T-shirts
  • Unisex and Women’s Organic L/S T-shirts
  • Unisex Organic Polo Shirts
  • Youth and Toddler S/S Organic T-shirts
  • Baby S/S and L/S Organic Cotton One Pieces
  • Organic over the neck Twill Aprons
  • Organic knee length Bistro Aprons
  • Organic Cotton Totes