Temperature Sensitive Color Changing Safety Products

Color changing safety products (heat) and indicators with thermochromic ink make helpful giveaway items for your organization.

If your work involves healthcare, childcare, family safety, food safety, energy conservation, or stress reduction, check out this great line of customizable handouts. These items use thermochromic pigment to change color and indicate when something is safe or ready to use.

These American made safety indicators and tools include:
  • FeverScan forehead thermometers, with optional flu kits
  • Baby safety bathtub thermometers and choke tube size checker
  • Family UV indicators and car heat sensors
  • Food temperature safety checkers
  • Thermographic green products for energy conservation
  • Room thermometers, including magnet, wall, or standing
  • Tension monitors to watch and alleviate stress
  • Pet care and thermometers
  • Children’s “Mr. Men and Little Miss” safety products
  • Fun mood changing creatives like mood rings and liquid crystal business cards