Recycled Union Made Products

Eco-friendly AND Union made recycled promotional products are not easy to find, which is why Garyline is such a unique manufacturer.

They respect the right of workers to organize, and they respect everyone’s right to a healthy planet!

They were one of the first companies in the USA to offer BPA alternatives and over 80 of their products are made with recycled material with enhanced biodegradability. We love their recycled promotional products and we’re proud to offer them to you.

  • Recycled, USA/Union items: reusable water bottles, travel mugs and cups, Frisbee – like flyers, ice scrapers, chip clips and clipboards, first aid kits, auto accessories (like funnels, car wash kits, and license plate frames), rulers, buckets, luggage tags, flyswatters, megaphone, pill case, sun visor, can holder, cutting boards, and yo-yos
  • USA/Union Drinkware: Tritan BPA free and Poly-Pure water bottles, Eco-Perl Sports Bottles, Auto mugs, Metalike bottles, Stadium cups, Insulated bottles, Nature mugs, Party mugs, Sport sipper cup, Flip Straw Lids, Travel Tumblers with Straws, Color changing bottles and cups, Pocket Bottle holders and insulators
  • Other USA/Union items: shoehorns, screen dusters, sponges, snow brushes, visors, stadium cushions, sports balls, sun care products, neck totes, paper clips, pet products, piggy banks, pillcases, foam hats, foam noodles, foam cheering hands, glow in the dark items, golf bag tags, lipbalm, desk accessories, and digital labels and tape measures

Many items can be digitally printed with full color images!