Custom Made in the USA Union Made coolers for your Promotional Needs

Promote your brand for lunches, picnics, and events

Here’s a cool promotional idea! Keep food and drinks cold or hot meals insulated.

With union made ethical standards stitched into every cooler we make, you can dine in peace knowing your lunch sacks are sweatshop-free. If you need Coleman coolers with custom logo prints, these are available USA made as well.

Our standard small cooler sacks are:
  • 6 Pack Cooler Bag
  • Nylbond 12 Pack Cooler Bag
  • Taligate Cooler Bag and Trunk
  • Heavy Duty Tailgate Cooler Trunk
  • Lunch Case, Pack Cloth Lunch Bag, and Nylon Lunch Box

If you don’t see what you need here, just let us know. We can also help develop your artwork design to be printed or embroidered on your coolers.