Custom Label BBQ Sauce and Hot Sauce

Brand custom label condiments for an upcoming summer event. Or to give out to staff at a company picnic!

Our salsas are made with a unique blend of spices to create a mouth watering snack! Our gourmet hot sauce is made from aged Cayenne Peppers which add just the right amount of heat.

Whether you’re looking for a unique addition for company gift baskets or a barbecue giveaway, we have you covered. Our spiced treats are what you’ve been missing all these years at union celebrations, corporate picnics, and weekend retreats. These condiments will look as good as they taste with your logo branded right on the bottle (or tin)!

Custom Label BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, Salsa, and Spices:

5 oz. hot pepper sauce –

  • Cayenne Hot Sauce

14.5 oz. barbecue sauces –

  • Original BBQ: Sweet, savory, and all ’round good! Perfect for the grill or for dipping.
  • Hot & Spicy BBQ: Add some kick to the average barbecue. This spicy sauce is a top seller!

16 oz salsas –

  • Mild Salsa: Add some zing to your promotion! This salsa is sure to please even the most heat sensitive customer!
  • Hot Salsa: This spicy and sweet combo is sure to give your promotion a lively kick!

3 oz. (small tin), 5.5 oz. (large tin), and 5.5 oz. plastic shaker bottles available –

  • Chef’s Blend: Season it all blend. So versatile, you can season it all!
  • Hickory BBQ Rub: An excellent seasoning on the grill. Use on ribs, steaks, chicken, and pork chops.
  • Garden Blend: Excellent on tomatoes, cucumbers, and cooked veggies with butter. Or mix with sour cream and add to a baked potato!
  • Fresh Salsa Mix: Stir a couple spoonfuls of this zesty blend into a can of diced tomatoes to create instant fresh salsa or mix with avacado for guacomole dip!
  • Fiesta Dip Mix: Create a tasty dip with sour cream and this unique Tex-Mex seasoning. Add ground beef for tasty burritos.
  • Creole Seasoning: Makes a great crab boil or use on shrimp and other seafood. Excellent addition to soups and sauces.