USA Made Non Woven Totes

USA made reusable polypropylene tote bags

The perfect totes for running to the store, heading to a sport meet with snacks, or bringing your tupperware containers into to work for the week’s lunches.

These bags are popular for groups looking to promote reusable alternatives to paper and plastic shopping bags.

These totes are USA made but we have options to print in a unionized shop with union bug for solidarity purchasing.

Also please note, we offer USA Made Lightweight Non-Woven Tote Bags, but Non-Woven Polypropylene fabric is not currently manufactured in any USA facility. Fabric is imported, then cut, sewn, and printed in the US. This bag does have a stitched-in Made in the USA label on the outside.

If you would prefer your bags to be American union made (and embellished), please check out our similar Union Made bag options.

If you need a non-woven shopping tote made for your organization, then we can add a printed design to emphasize your message. Please let us know questions about ethical bags, turnaround time, screen printing, or anything else- we are here to help!