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Welcome to our T-Shirt Oasis, where style meets sustainability! Dive into our diverse collection, offering unisex, ladies’, youth, toddler, and infant sizes, ensuring everyone can embrace the comfort and flair of our shirts. Whether you’re a fan of short sleeves or prefer the cozy warmth of long sleeves, our selection caters to your every preference.

At Ethix Merch, we understand that a great design deserves a great canvas. That’s why our t-shirts are not just clothing; they are a statement. Your designs come to life with the option of a sustainable, water-based screen print, ensuring that your team’s vision is realized in an eco-friendly manner.

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We take pride in offering environmentally-responsible options, including shirts crafted from recycled polyester—a nod to our commitment to a greener future. For those seeking the epitome of conscious fashion, some of our t-shirts are made entirely in the USA, from the cotton fields to the final stitch. We believe in transparency, empowering our clients to trace the journey of their chosen shirts through the entire supply chain.

What sets our t-shirts apart is not just the style but the dedication to reducing environmental impact. The cut/sew and printing processes on all of our t-shirts are exclusively carried out in the USA, contributing to a smaller ecological footprint by drastically reducing emissions from transit. Each shirt is a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices without compromising on comfort or style.

Choose more than a t-shirt; choose a wearable canvas that reflects your values. From the design table to the cotton fields, our shirts embody a commitment to ethics, sustainability, transparency, and a touch of artistic flair.

Explore our T-Shirt Oasis today and make a statement that goes beyond fashion!

Showing all 24 results

Ethix Merch is your best source for ethically made T-shirts that are Union Made, US Made and/or eco-friendly.

Today’s educated consumers prefer to buy from socially-responsible companies and we are here to meet those standards. It is important to us that our partner suppliers treat their workers well, use sustainable practices and support their communities.

Made in USA T-shirts are high quality. This ensures your personalized T-shirts are long lasting. When you shop Made in USA quality is a given because our partner clothing factories truly care about the fabrics and craftsmanship that goes into making their products.

Union Made T-shirts are preferred by many organizations that value workers’ rights. But finding Union Made t-shirts is not that easy, unless you work with us!

Eco-Friendly T-shirts are becoming a favorite way to go when buying custom printed t-shirts. We provide t-shirts made of organic cotton and fabrics made from recycled plastics that are soft and comfortable to wear.