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There are few products that can boast the broad appeal of a beanie, and the Ethix premium beanie collection offers the ideal headwear for everyone from the adventure seeker to the outdoor laborer or the cozy fashionista. Their simple, sleek, and comfortable design at an affordable price point makes them an ideal gift for friends, family, staff, or clients.

Whether they are cuffed, capped, or knit, the one constant about the Ethix beanies is that they are ethically made. Manufactured under sustainable guidelines with an adherence to quality control and fair labor practice, these stylish beanies should feel every bit as good as they look.

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Offering the finest in warm brimless headwear, the Ethix beanie collection allows the user to suit up for colder climates while doing their part to lessen harmful effects to the environment and supporting the rights of workers.

Customize your headwear with a name or logo knitted into the material, or have a stylish eye-catching patch sewn directly onto the hat.

Made in the USA from 100% turbo-spun acrylic yarn, the quality knit traditional cuffed beanies provide an added layer of warmth in cooler climates. For versatility, our organic combed ring-spun beanies provide added room with lighter material made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and spandex. And of course, the classic union-made caps without cuffs offer a look and feel that will never go out of style.

Showing all 7 results