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Union Made Promotional Products

Support the right of workers to organize unions with union-made promotional merchandise

The Sweatfree movement has strongly advocated for freedom of association as the surest way to guarantee worker empowerment.

Union Made Merch Collection

Support the right of workers to organize unions with union-made branded merchandise

Union Made in The USA

Most Ethix Merch union made products are made in facilities where employers recognize the value of a union made label. At this time, most of these union factories are located in the United States, so we carry a number of “Made in USA” union products. We recognize the common struggle of the manufacturing working class globally, and believe stronger unions in the US support the efforts of organizers abroad. We are always on the lookout for union made goods produced outside of the United States, and will add those products to our catalog as they become available.

Union Made Eco-Friendly

Right now, products that are both union made and eco-friendly are in short supply. Ethix is in a unique position to encourage higher environmental standards in union factories and, on the flip side, to promote worker organizing efforts in factories producing eco-friendly products. Increasingly, the labor and environmental movements are working in common cause, and we will do everything possible to help this essential partnership thrive.

Unions are a crucial safeguard against the temptation of some employers to view labor as just another “cost of doing business.” Workers know best when they are being mis-treated or abused, and unions provide a way for them to stand together in support of their legal and moral rights.

How to verify that your products are union made

An educated consumer can make informed decisions.

If supporting union workers is important to you and you want to use union made products in your organization’s events as much as possible, we have the resources to keep you informed

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