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The bandana was popularized through early and mid 20th century depictions of self-determination and adventure. Hollywood donned classic male archetypes with the stylish utilitarian kerchief in a western setting to illustrate the spirit of rugged individualism. It was Rosie the Riveter however, that made the bandana an emblem of feminism in the labor movement.

In years since, this colorful hand-held tapestry has become the adopted symbol of worker rights all over the world. The Ethix line of bandanas offers a variety of three sizes with full color print, providing the perfect backdrop for your organizations’ branding or message

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Drawing from the Indonesian practice of Batik and originating in India, bandanas are typically printed in colorful paisley patterns. While serving as a fashionable head or neck accessory, they provide practical solutions for the outdoor worker, the commuter, or the office dweller. They can even be used to dress up our favorite pets.

Made from quality cotton and silk, this classic utilitarian luxury item is the perfect mix of style and substance. And now with the Ethix line of customizable bandanas, it is possible to honor the roots of tradition while working to build a new future.

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