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Accessorizing is the key to fashion but with the Ethix line of accessories it can mean so much more.  These custom branded bandanas, socks, headbands and other accessories are all ethically made, using quality materials, by artisans who are paid living wages for skilled work.

Our headbands are great for absorbing perspiration and providing a cooling effect for outdoor laborers affected by heat. Similarly, our bandanas provide respite from a variety of outdoor conditions and our woven socks are a necessity for staying warm.

Clearly, the utilitarian advantages of our accessories are easily identifiable but the intrinsic value of these fashionable calling cards might be boundless.

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All of our accessories are made using the most sustainable, enviro-friendly methods. Through our vast network of manufacturers we are able to limit shipping costs and vehicle emissions in order to deliver your product in a timely manner with minimal carbon impact.


The Ethix line of accessories is produced by union labor, worker owned co-ops, and organizations that pay living wages. What truly sets us apart from other organizations however, is our refusal to fund unregulated sweatshop consortiums.


Our mission to mitigate and one day eradicate cheap, unsustainable goods from our industry allows us to embrace the shared values of our clients. We boast a robust art department that is ready and willing to assist any organization in their effort to promote a better world.

Showing all 3 results