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Looking for a sock upgrade? How about socks that aren’t just stylish but also earth-friendly? Check out our custom-made, eco-friendly socks, produced right here in the USA.

Top-Notch Quality: Being made in the USA means that these socks have some serious quality standards. They’re meant to last longer, so you won’t have to keep buying new pairs all the time.

Good for the Earth: Our socks are made using environmentally friendly materials. That means we’re cutting down on waste and making sure our planet stays green. And guess what? We’re using every scrap, so nothing’s going to the landfill.

Your Style, Your Way: The coolest part? There’s an imprint knit directly into the sock fabric. It’s not just painted on; it’s woven in. This means your design won’t easily fade after a few washes.

Custom Socks, Eco-Friendly and Made in the USA
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Customize It Your Way

  • Screen Printing – Got a logo or design in mind? Get it screen printed for a sharp look.
  • Color Options – Start with the classic grey, but feel free to explore more.
  • Where and How? – Decide where you want your design and how many sides of the sock you’d like it on.

If you’re unsure about anything, just hit the “Request a Quote” button. We’ll help you out with the details.

Why Our Eco-Friendly Socks Beat Regular Socks

  • Better for Your Skin: These socks are comfy and won’t irritate your skin, and are made from natural materials
  • Made to Last: Unlike some socks that wear out super fast, these are built to stick around.
  • Support Local: Buying these socks means you’re supporting local businesses. That’s a win-win!

Pricing Info: Custom socks start at $11.35 each for an order of 50, totaling $567.50. Keep in mind that if you want more customizations or have a bigger design plan, the final price might change. And remember, shipping is a small up charge. We’ll give you an estimate once you request a quote.

In short, these custom USA-made eco-friendly socks are a step up from your regular socks – in style, quality, and eco-consciousness. So, upgrade your sock drawer and make a positive impact while you’re at it!

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