Custom Fanny Packs - Ethical Company Merch Printed With Your Logo

The incredible invention known as the Fanny Pack is no longer the fashion faux pas that once characterized it. Indeed, in the years since it’s inception, it has become a fashion accessory while providing a level of practicality that was never in doubt. These lightweight reliable bags can be worn around the waist, across the hip, or over the shoulder for a cross body look.

With the customizable line of Ethix fanny packs your organization can place its brand messaging right out front for all to see. It only takes one use for these handy little pouches to become a daily accessory. With the fanny pack the daily user can store money, ID cards, keys, and accessories underneath your logo.

Fanny Packs
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Sustainably made, using quality materials, constructed by skilled workers who earn a living age. Talk to an Ethix representative today to find out why you should be a fan of the fanny pack.

Showing all 4 results