Custom Coasters - Ethical Company Merch Printed With Your Logo

Custom-made drinkware that’s made the right way shows you care about both the environment and responsible labor practices. Think about these coasters, coffee cups, and water bottles we all use. They’re all great signs that a company is serious about being ethical.

Let’s chat about Seed Paper Coasters for a second. They cost from 59 cents to a bit over a dollar. You can put your drink on them and they look grea with your logo, and when you’re done using them, they grow into plants! Pretty awesome, right? That means having a sip of your favorite drink could help the earth get a little greener.

And check out the Tanner Coaster Set. Priced between about $11 and $14, every time you lay your cup down, people get a quick reminder of the good things your company stands for. That’s something that sticks with customers and teammates every time they use these products!

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Showing all 2 results