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Union Made Label

What Does “Union Made” Mean And How Does It Work?

When it comes to the ethical production of products, there are many different considerations. Are the raw materials used to make the product harvested from sustainable sources? Are they converted into materials and later into products using ethical labor and production methods? Are they shipped using green methods and as minimally as possible? All of […]

Supply Chain Internal Audit

Step by Step: How to Do an Internal Audit of Your Supply Chain

Keeping a business healthy means knowing what’s going on, inside and out. The world is a changing place, and your supply chain may have once been built on ethical and sustainable practices and has since slipped – or even the opposite, and it has become better over time. Without a good awareness of what’s going […]

A Socially Conscious Workplace

7 Tips to Build a More Socially Conscious Workplace

Social justice, environmental justice, human rights, ethical production; all of these are inextricably intertwined with one another. Moreover, they aren’t some goal to be reached; they’re a process, a continual journey of improvement and refinement. No one is perfect. Everyone can hold bias or preconceived notions that they’ve simply never challenged. One of the difficulties […]

Co-Branded Merch

What Does “Co-Branded” Merch Mean and How Does It Work?

Co-branding is a unique strategy that almost seems at odds with the way modern businesses work, and it happens all the time. What is it? In simple terms, co-branding is when two (or more) brands get together and collaborate to create a product that shares both of their names. This product is produced, marketed, and […]

Handing Out Swag at a Job Fair

13 Fun Swag Ideas for Job Fairs and Career Giveaways

One of the most important aspects of any event where you plan to both attend and hand out swag and promotional items is context. For an extreme example, imagine that you’ve purchased a load of branded wireless earbuds. You’re attending an event; is it a good idea to give these away as swag? It depends […]

Trade Show Booths

Guide: How to Prepare for Your First Trade Show Booth

Many businesses, sooner or later, participate in trade shows. Setting up a booth at a trade show is a great way to attract attention, including potential customers, investors, and business partners. After all, if you don’t get the word out about you, you can’t gather any of those around you, can you? Most other means […]

A Promotional Gift

6 Ideas for Quirky, Memorable, and Unusual Promotional Gifts

When you’re considering promotional gifts for grand openings, new product launches, major events, milestones, or some other celebratory purpose, you have a decision to make. What do you give? Some companies opt for a swag bag, usually full of the usual assortment of items, like a branded t-shirt, cap, and stationery set. For these, the […]

Promotional Notebooks

Promotional Notebooks: Are They a Good Pick for Brand Swag?

Swag is an essential part of a brand’s physical marketing strategy. In today’s over-saturated digital world, it can be more important than ever to make sure your brand has a presence offline as well as on. While the traditional go-to swag items are things like t-shirts and totes, there’s always room for a classic: branded […]

Company Swag

FAQ: What Company Swag Will People Actually Wear?

It’s always an open question whether or not company swag is actually worthwhile. Sometimes, you see people talking about the swag they love. Other times, people rebel against it, arguing that they don’t want to be seen as a walking advertisement or feel like they’re on the clock when they aren’t. So, if you’re in […]

A Grand Opening

20 Grand Opening Ideas for a New Business or Product Launch

Grand openings, product launches, new branch openings, and new business launches are all incredible, one-time events that deserve to be celebrated. There’s a significant sense of accomplishment in laying the groundwork for a new product or business, whether that means R&D, incorporation paperwork, setting up a physical storefront, or something else entirely. So, why not […]