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How an Online Store Can Benefit Your Organization

The rising popularity of online stores is no surprise, given their numerous benefits to organizations. They serve as an excellent means to enhance brand awareness, establish an additional revenue stream, and effortlessly distribute branded merchandise to members without the associated hassles.

Online stores are ideal for unions, political campaigns, progressive organizations, and associations. They not only effectively amplify your message but also afford you more time to concentrate on your mission.

When your members wear a custom t-shirt or product with your logo on it, your message gets out into the world wherever they go. Events and rallies become your own platform with a unified sea of colored shirts and rally signs. Online stores tap into the digital world to help get the word out in a broader, more convenient way. SEO-optimized stores make your products easy to find for anyone searching online. So, in addition to selling your custom t-shirts at events or rallies, you can share your online store merch through social media, digital advertisements, and online marketing. The Internet becomes your oyster as your merch is just a click away.

On top of SEO optimization, online store platforms offer analytics so you can see which products are getting the most traffic and how you can improve your reach. You can also add offers, discounts, and special deals to entice orders or even follow up with marketing emails to your customers.

Online Fundraising Opportunities

Selling custom products through an online store is a simple, efficient way to fundraise. Once the store is set up and you know which products work best for your audience, you can focus on targeted campaigns that will resonate with your members. We’ll roll your profit into new merchandise or cut you a check each month.

To boost interaction and generate interest in your products, you can employ creative marketing strategies such as introducing seasonal deals, custom kits, or limited edition releases. Launching exclusive items will build anticipation for your products, ultimately leading to increased sales.


Convenience for Your Members

There are a couple of different types of online stores that are most beneficial for our clients. Private stores provide members with custom products, allowing them to order preferred sizes and styles, with direct shipping to members. Private stores are particularly helpful for healthcare unions and other trade unions that require uniforms or particular apparel for workers. They are password-protected so only members can access the products. Private online stores are also perfect for companies that want to provide staff with company swag or gifts.

Public-facing online stores, accessible to everyone, are ideal for nonprofits, small and large companies, and organizations aiming to showcase their merchandise to a broader audience.

Shipping, Fulfillment, and Customer Service

When procuring merchandise for your members, the challenges of distribution, managing returns, exchanges, and other associated issues emerge. These concerns are mitigated with the support of our experienced online store team. Orders are seamlessly shipped directly to our warehouse from manufacturers and then forwarded to your customers or members. Any issues that may surface are promptly addressed by us, allowing you to concentrate on your work without being burdened by the intricate details of order fulfillment.

Is an Online Store Right for Your Organization?

If you want to find out more about online stores or explore options for your union, community nonprofit, or progressive organization, contact us for a consultation today! We’ll meet one-on-one and review your organization’s goals to ensure an online store is your best option.

Some organizations don’t need a complete online store service to distribute their merch and are happy to use our fulfillment services instead. Simply place your merch order, and let us handle the rest. Your products will be shipped from our warehouse and delivered to your members’ individual addresses for a nominal fee.

Whether it’s a custom online store with all the bells and whistles or providing packaging and dropshipping to your members, we are here for your ethical merchandise needs.

Reach out to us for additional details or to schedule an introductory call.