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5 Reasons to Support the FABRIC Act

Providing organizations with responsibly-sourced branded merchandise is our priority because improving workers’ lives and environmental sustainability are part of our values. So when we heard about the Fabric Act, we knew we would not only endorse it but work hard to make sure it’s signed into federal law. The FABRIC Act (Fashioning Accountability and Building Real Institutional Change) was recently introduced by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D – NY) and is the first federal legislation of its kind. It comes on the heels of passing the Garment Worker Protection Act (SB62) in California and includes similar messaging and objectives.

So what exactly would the FABRIC Act do? Read along to find out how the FABRIC Act will help workers and expand US apparel manufacturing or read the bill’s full text here.

Why We Suport the FABRIC Act

Establishes a Nationwide Garment Industry Registry

The first registry of its kind, the garment industry registry, will be set up through the Department of Labor. It will make sure bad actors are held accountable and give everyone an equal opportunity to run a successful brand with complete transparency.

Holds Fashion Brands and Retailers Accountable

Like the Garment Worker Protection Act, the Fabric Act will ensure that all points in the supply chain are responsible for wage violations. This establishes a connection between retailers at the top of the supply chain and the workers who produce their products. Everyone will be held accountable for workers’ pay and safety.

Eliminates the Piece Rate System

When we endorsed the Garment Worker Protection Act, a big reason for that was because it eliminated the piece-rate system for garment workers in California. This is an essential part of the Fabric Act. The piece-rate system is unfair and creates too many pay loopholes, and workers get short-changed. For more on the piece-rate system and CA’s Garment Worker Protection Act, signed into law in 2021, head to this blog.

Builds a Support System for Domestic Manufacturing

It’s time to bring back domestic manufacturing. But, to ensure success and longevity for stateside manufacturers, they will need support. That’s why this piece of legislation is critical.

Provides a Reshoring Tax Credit

To incentivize manufacturers to move their operations to the United States, a 30% tax credit will be enacted to help cover some of the costs. This may be the deciding factor for many manufacturers that face a hefty cost burden to reestablish operations in the US.

How You Can Help Support the Fabric Act

If you are an individual who would like to lend your support, you can follow the instructions here to call your local senator or share the information on social media. If you are a business, you can endorse the Fabric Act by contacting

Stay tuned for more updates on how you can help spread the word and get this act signed into law!

Another way to support workers is to purchase products made with fair wages and environmental standards. Ethix Merch is your go-to provider for responsibly-sourced products, and we are here to help you find the right merch for your organization. Contact us for a custom quote!