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Be Humane. Be Kind. Be Mindful of your Purchasing Power.

American Humane Association says Be Kind!

All of us in the Ethix offices have loved ones we share our homes and hearts with. Some of them are furry, cuddly, or even at times aloof (but who isn’t?!). They are each an extension of our families. We join with the American Humane Association: we promote kindness to all living things! We aim to “Be Humane” in the work that we do every day – supporting workers by offering sweatfree apparel and keepsake promo products. We advocate for our clients to mind your purchasing power – it is strong!

Some of our extended Ethix family members:


Ethical Merchandise for Animal Lovers and for Lovers of Human Rights!

CMDART-memo-pad-and-10-year-anniversary-lapel-pin-INSTAAnyone that has worked with or for nonprofit animal rescue groups or veterinary clinics knows the budgetary restrictions. These apply especially to promotional merchandise. We work with you to achieve your ethical priorities– while staying on budget (and on time!).

Here on the rights is an example: custom lapel pins and memo note pads we created for the Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team‘s 10 year anniversary and board meeting.

Next time you’re purchasing merchandise and promo swag for tabling events and other awareness outreach efforts, consider the labor that went into producing those goods. Incorporate your high standards for your branding material with your dedication to the rights of all living creatures…including workers!

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